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Successful organizations prepare for continued success by helping to ensure that employees are recruited and developed to fill specific leadership positions. Since the late 1970's, CMI has provided assistance to a number of organizations in a variety of industries to determine needs and carry out consistent and workable succession planning programs.

We recognize that not all individual contributors will be moving forward in expanding leadership roles; CMI's goal is to advise the organization so that it may provide appropriate support to those who will potentially become viable candidates for succession, while continuing to support and properly acknowledge those who will remain in the role of individual contributor.

Well planned and consistent succession planning enhances company morale by preparing employees to move forward and fulfill roles that are appropriate for them. Taking the "long view", based on realistic expectations provides employees with roadmaps for the future, leading to employee commitment and retention. CMI's analysis and consulting model allows organizations to fully prepare employees for the future, whether they will eventually undertake key roles or remain as valued, consistently performing employees who support the organization. Properly carried out, succession planning enhances the recruitment of new employees and the retention of current employees.